Photo Booth Rental
  • This booth has it all: a patent-pending internal lift system allowing it to be portable, a sleek classic look that appeals to the masses, customized powder coating color options, a steel durable frame, internet ready, projection ready, and it has a photo share option allowing customers to view their photos on your website to share with friends and family.
  • With a push of a button inside the protected cabinet of the booth, the internal system lifts the booth up and four industrial wheels come out below making it portable. When you want to leave or place the booth in a location, you push the same button and the system lowers down the booth so that it looks permanent.
  • The internal lift system allows the booth to be portable. The wheels underneath the booth swivel from one side, similar to a shopping cart, allowing you to have more control over the booth. There are also two indented handles that are hidden on the side of the booth that allows you to carry the booth away. The booth was ergonomically designed so that it would only require one person to move the booth.
  • Besides owning the best booth in the world, once you purchase a booth from Fish Face Photo Booths, you receive many benefits, including a one year warranty on the booth and all parts. In the future, we are planning to have a password protected site for our customers that would allow you to make purchases for your booth through the Fish Face store, as well as access your account, the online help manual, and FAQs of other booth operators.
  • These booths are indestructible and will last for a very long time. They are 751 pounds and can not only be used for event rentals, but also can be placed in any location to be used for vending. They also come in one piece so you don’t have to worry about carrying around or keeping track of multiple items.
  • It is tough, looks great, and lasts a long time. Powder coating is a superior finish that makes products more durable. It is scratch resistant, eco-friendly, and resistant to heat and abrasion. It is truly the strongest and sleekest finish out there. Why would we use anything else?
  • You are able to choose form one of our pre-selected powder coat colors. The booth will be fully powder coated with the color you choose. You can also fully wrap the booth with your logo and design.
  • The booth has been built to go through any regular sized door and hallway as well as fit in any standard sized elevator.

    Specifications are:
    Weight: 751 lbs.
    Power: 110v or 220v - 15 amp
    Height: 72”
    Width: 54”
    Depth: 32”
  • 110v or 220v – 15 amp. It pulls 410 watts in use and 220 watts when idle
  • All booths have proprietary software specifically designed for our booths.
  • Yes please call us about how you can become a distributer in your area to receive special booth pricing.
  • Yes, we work with Pacifica Capital for all financing needs. In order to qualify, you will need to fill out the form found on the purchase page and fax it to 949-606-0334.
  • Please contact us at 877-390-3372. In the future, we are planning on a Fish Face store for our booth customers to purchase media and other needs.